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Arizona Drug Crime Attorney

Have you been accused of a drug crime in Arizona? Illegal drugs are usually related to crime in multiple ways and drug crimes fall under criminal defense law. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, it could have a huge impact on your life. You should be aware of your legal rights when going through this difficult time.

It is illegal to distribute, possess, use or manufacture any drugs which can be abused including:

  • amphetamines
  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • morphine

When drugs and crime are related it usually is due to drug production or drug trafficking, commonly controlled by gangs, the drug cartels, and other types of organized crime. There are 3 types of crime that can be associated with drugs:

  • Use-Related crimes – Crimes resulting from or involving those who use drugs and commit crimes as a result of the drugs effect and their behavior or thought process.
  • Economic-Related crimes – Crimes that a person commits to be able to fund their drug habit including prostitution, theft and robbery.
  • System-Related crimes – Crimes having to do with the drug system structure such as manufacturing or transporting drugs, production and sale of drugs. System-Related crimes also include violence which is related to the sale of drugs.

If you have been charged with an Arizona drug crime, you should find a drug crime lawyer in Arizona today to help your case.

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